What is white label email?

White label email is the ability to take an email system and completely white label it so that it appears to the marketplace as your own product. Why would you want to do this? Why would a supermarket want their own brand of syrup? Right. Companies want to carry products all the time that they don’t have the means to create. This is the private label, or what label, process. And it’s used in many domains, including information technology, server hardward, services, tangible products, marketing and email.

In the world of email, it is getting increasingly hard to have your own infrastructure. While the costs of servers are sinking fast, the hassle of keeping your email lists clean (known as white listing) is getting harder and harder. This is why so many people are moving to white label. White label email allows you to “rent” someone else’s infrastructure and call it your own. With the right SLA’s, the white label process can work very well. Selecting the wrong email partner, and it will crash and burn.

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