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Use Email Marketing to Attract New Customers

White label email marketing software

With internet shopping growing at an incredible rate, with consumers expected to spend more than $320 billion online by 2016, according to Forrester Research Inc., businesses are having to change the way to internet driven marketing campaigns in order to adapt. At the heart of many campaigns, is a bold and highly visible email strategy.

Web based email marketing has been around for years, but is becoming more and more important. However, with the increasing number of people who are utilizing their spam folders and the fact that only half of the members of an email list actually open them up, it is not easy. Because of that, many businesses will choose to use white label email marketing software that helps them get notice

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Four Steps to an Improved Email Marketing Campaign

White label email marketing software

144.8 billion emails are sent streaming across the worldwide web each day, according to BrandSpeak. The fact is that, now more than ever, web users are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content filling up their inboxes. Poorly written, unsolicited, or unwanted correspondence from business email lists are often the last thing web surfers want to deal with, resulting in an immediate “delete”.

If you want to improve your email marketing plan, then you should consider these four tips. Doing so can net you improved open rates, increased outreach, and greater income potential. However, if you feel unable to implement these techniques, white label marketing firms can do so for you.

  • Do Not Send Unwanted Emails
  • %3Cbr%3E

    The cardinal rule for popular busine

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Affordable and Effective White Label Email Marketing

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According to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of businesses last for at least two years; and about a third will survive at least ten years. However, just because a business “survives” does not mean that it is successful. In fact, a study conducted by the Harvard Business School found that 95 percent of new businesses fail to achieve reasonable, predetermined goals.

While there are countless reasons that cause the majority of new businesses to fail, success and failure often comes down to marketing strategies and the methods used to implement those strategies. The fact is, in the business world, the quality of products and services that business can offer are meaningless if customers are blind to them.

Some of the most affordable and effective online marketing strategies

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Five Important Facts for Email Marketers

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As of 2012, web users sent almost 145 billion emails every day and according to an earlier report, workers spend more than a quarter of their time looking at items in their inbox, even though they only deem about 14 percent of their emails important. Since it was originally developed in 1971, email technology has come a long way, and hardly resembles its predecessor. As a result, it has become a regular part of the daily lives of the vast majority of people. In order to keep up with that trend and be able to properly communicate with their customers and targeted consumers, businesses might want to use a reliable email sending service. They will be able to overcome some of the scary statistics that might cause businesses to hesitate when thinking about email marketing plans.

1. 21 percent of email users

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