Affordable and Effective White Label Email Marketing

Email marketing plan

According to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of businesses last for at least two years; and about a third will survive at least ten years. However, just because a business “survives” does not mean that it is successful. In fact, a study conducted by the Harvard Business School found that 95 percent of new businesses fail to achieve reasonable, predetermined goals.

While there are countless reasons that cause the majority of new businesses to fail, success and failure often comes down to marketing strategies and the methods used to implement those strategies. The fact is, in the business world, the quality of products and services that business can offer are meaningless if customers are blind to them.

Some of the most affordable and effective online marketing strategies involve email mailing lists and private label email marketing. The advantages of white label email marketing can be attributed to its speed and affordability. This makes it ideal for companies of any size or industry stature to affix their names or brands to customized email mailing lists. Also, given the fact that the average ROI of email marketing can be as high as 40 dollars on each dollar spent, the advantages of email marketing, especially for small business, are obvious.

Looking at the statistics on new business success can be deceptive. Although more businesses “succeed” than most people think, few actually thrive and grow. However, the ones that will stick around for the long term are the ones that utilize every marketing tool available to their advantages. And when you consider the affordable benefits of email marketing services, why would any business not give it shot? After all, one would be hard pressed to find an entrepreneur whose business goal is mediocrity.

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