Four Steps to an Improved Email Marketing Campaign

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144.8 billion emails are sent streaming across the worldwide web each day, according to BrandSpeak. The fact is that, now more than ever, web users are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content filling up their inboxes. Poorly written, unsolicited, or unwanted correspondence from business email lists are often the last thing web surfers want to deal with, resulting in an immediate “delete”.

If you want to improve your email marketing plan, then you should consider these four tips. Doing so can net you improved open rates, increased outreach, and greater income potential. However, if you feel unable to implement these techniques, white label marketing firms can do so for you.

  • Do Not Send Unwanted Emails
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    The cardinal rule for popular business email lists is not to send unsolicited emails to web users. By offering a landing page on your website, you can give your visitors a way to sign up for your business email lists. However, if you assume and start spamming every web mailbox with your email mailing list, your marketing efforts will be deleted. Further, you may be violating your email service’s terms of use.

  • Consider Mobile Users
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    According to Pew, 56% of American adults use a smartphone. One in three American adults use a tablet computing device, like an iPad. Of those, nearly 60% are using their mobile devices to connect to the internet to check their email. As Clickz points out, you need to optimize your emails for all of your readers, mobile and otherwise, to ensure your content can be conveniently read and appreciated.

  • Get Yourself Out of Spam Filters
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    If you want to increase the open rate for your business email lists, you have to avoid being sucked into a spam filter. There are two main ways for you to accomplish this. First, as Active Campaign recommends, ask your readers to add you to their contacts book. If Gmail, for example, sees that your email address is listed in your target recipient’s contacts, then it will be less likely to toss your email marketing tool in the trash. Second, use a spam checker to make sure your email content will not come across as junk mail to email filters and web users.

  • Offer Value Through Your Emails
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    You need to offer your readers value whenever you are trying to gain a following and a potential customer on the web. Your business email lists’ efforts should be no different. Exact Target recommends occasional offers for savings and special deals to subscribers of your email service. Doing so will enable you to get your message out there while simultaneously letting your customers know you care about them.

Use these four tips to improve your business list emails. Of course, these methods require considerable time and effort to implement. If you lack either, consider a white label email marketing professional who can provide you with high quality private label emails that will really get your readers’ attention.

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