Remodeling Tips You Should Follow As You Age – Benro Properties

etter. Aging in place renovations can make homes safer for seniors. In this video from Pierce County Television, you’ll get some fantastic remodeling tips that are suitable for elderly people.

It’s common for seniors to be unable to walk and have difficulty to go into the bathroom or to get into and out of the shower. The comfort-height toilet is more accessible as standard toilets. This makes they a fantastic alternative for senior citizens. Grab bars are another approach to increase bathroom safety.

Many seniors also find it difficult to go through the staircase. Add extra amenities for your lower floor, if you have a multistory house, like a bedroom or an entire bathroom. This way, you’ll be able to use stairs less often. Consider extending your doors if one of the family members is with a mobility device or walker.

Seniors’ lives is significantly enhanced by making the right changes. The elderly can enjoy a life of independence even when they suffer from mobility issues. Renovations to your home are a great way to help those with mobility issues. Think about making your home safer and more comfortable for older adults when you’re thinking about contemplating your golden years or concerned about someone close to you.


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