What to Expect from Invisalign for Teens – Do I Need Braces?

What exactly are braces? Is it a good choice to buy Invisalign for teens? Below are the answers to your questions.

Teenagers can align their smiles by using braces or Invisalign. Teeth shift around in mouths when they get bigger. Invisalign or braces can direct the movement to where you want your teeth to go instead of following their existing course. As the teeth are realigned in the end, the motion of aligned teeth will appear as their trajectory of choice as they are less likely to shift later on.

Teens are actually awed by Invisalign. Because of the hormonal fluctuations teens go through, being embarrassed about having braces will hurt their confidence in themselves. When they have Invisalign it is less likely to feel self-conscious because of the invisibility of Invisalign. When no one can see them, how can they feel insecure about them?

Whether you are looking for braces or Invisalign for your teen, your local orthodontist will be able to assist you in moving your teenager toward the best direction.


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