Basics to Repairing Buckling Stucco – Reference Books Online

A skilled contractor is required to do the proper stucco install. If it’s properly built, cement-based plaster needs less upkeep and is long-lasting. However, even though this material can last for several decades , and even over a century, you should ensure that you repair it immediately you spot evidence of damage, like massive cracks, blisters, or blisters forming – before they become worse or cause further problems.

The stucco surface that is wet can be damaged due to cold temperatures. It is crucial to wait until the night’s temperatures to rise above 40°C before repairs are made to your stucco system. But even hot, windy, and dry weather can create problems since they can suck up the water needed for the mixture to be cured properly.

It is important to not be working in direct sunlight. It will cause stucco dry quickly and will result in more costly issues. To keep moisture in check, it is best to apply the stucco outside, and then cover the stucco with plastic sheets, alternating between coats.


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