Four Things Every Small Business Should Know About Email Marketing


As important as SEO is to the current landscape of internet marketing, you’re missing some serious business opportunities if you haven’t yet invested in an e-newsletter. Email updates allow for more direct contact with your customers, and keeping them in the loop about your most recent promotions also fosters brand loyalty. With private label email marketing, too, you can even outsource this entire process to keep your business running smoothly.

It’s something that hundreds of businesses depend on to cultivate a strong, dedicated consumer base. But why is that, exactly? To understand, it’ll first help to realize that…

Around 77% of customers are interested in email-based updates.

Most businesses are caught somewhere between wanting to keep their consumers informed about promotional offers and not wanting them to feel spammed by too many messages. This is a delicate tightrope to balance, but it’s worth noting that the majority of consumers actually enjoy getting regular updates in their inboxes — as long as they’ve given their permission to receive them, of course. One of the quickest ways to alienate a customer is to allow your email updates to become a nuisance, so always opt for that fertile middle ground between information overload and none at all.

Nearly 45% of consumers make purchases based on promotional messages they receive via email.

Look at the email offers you receive in your own personal inbox. More often than not, they’re the only means of keeping you informed that a particular sale is going on at a particular time. That kind of instant marketing gives customers a much easier incentive to check out the deals right away, and that’s why nearly half tend to follow through and make a purchase. It’s important to make your message stand out, so always opt for an informative subject line.

Social media share buttons yield higher click-through rates in emails.

What’s one of the best ways to get a consumer to keep tabs on your business? Social media, of course! By embedding social media share buttons right inside the body of the email, you give your consumers a reason to share the good news — making your promotional message go even further. But beyond that, it helps to be able to directly connect users to your social channels in order to ensure a lasting partnership on both sides.

You can outsource your email marketing needs to a third-party service.

If your business doesn’t have the employee power (or the technology) to handle email messages itself, you can always look into private label email marketing software to do it for you. In fact, it’s just as easy as loading up all the info you want and pushing send. The software will do the rest — that’s all it takes for private label email marketing. Look into the top companies that offer this as a way to save time as well as money when planning out your next promotional campaign.

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