Four Ways to Utilize Email Marketing Services for Business


You might not know this, but there are approximately 3.2 billion email accounts currently in existence on the web. For comparison purposes, there are only about 7 billion people on the entire planet, and certainly not every person even has access to the Internet, so you do the math. However, the problem lies in the fact that 97% of all emails sent and received in the world is purely spam.

Companies tread a fine line when it comes to keeping their customers bases well-informed via email marketing. On one hand, the goal is to stay in touch with customers, allowing them exclusive deals and making sure they’re privy to the latest goings-on in the company. But send too many emails in a given week — heck, even a given day — and you run the risk of losing that customer forever. That’s exactly why your business could benefit from hiring professional email marketing services to help reach that harmonious balance.

Customers want to be kept in the know.

This has been proven true via several studies, and it turns out that 77% of customers do, in fact, want updates delivered directly to their inboxes — as long as they’ve given their permission for the business to do so. Furthermore, 44% of all email recipients bought at least one product because of a promotional email last year. That means the messages are getting out there, which is very good news.

Hiring email marketing services is a great way to promote new developments.

In other words, if your company launches a new initiative and wants to publicize it as much as possible, look no further than web based email marketing. Catch the attention of all the folks on your mailing list with a quick, pithy message to let them know the latest in company news. Statistic show that 92% of businesses use email to share information about the latest in product developments and new services.

Sharing is easier than ever.

It used to be that if an email
reader wanted to share a message, he or she had to forward it onto multiple people in order for them to see it, too. But today, businesses have put social media sharing buttons directly in the emails themselves, meaning all it takes is a simple click to share it with your followers and friends. And let’s be honest: Which is more fun, emailing or Facebooking?

Email marketing is growing.

One of the best reasons to get involved with email marketing services now is because of how rapidly they’re growing. Email marketing keeps rising year after year, right on pace with SEO and social media engagement. In fact, 56% of businesses said they would expand their email marketing efforts in 2013, and even more are likely to do so in 2014. In order to find that right balance between spam and simply sharing, see what professional email marketing services can do for your business.

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