Expand Your Web Presence White Label E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing plan

E-mail is one of oldest and most basic capabilities offered by the internet. If adult web users had no choice but to choose one web tool that they could not live without, it would probably be email. Although younger people are communicating primarily through text messaging and social media, email continues to be the number one method of exchanging detail communication with or without attachments.

From a commercial perspective, about 92% of businesses claim to use email as a primary vehicle for sharing general company information, as well as information about their products and services. While the concept of email marketing may be simple, many business owners may not know how to begin an email marketing campaign. This is where private label email hosting comes in handy.

By investing in white label or private label email marketing software, any business can reap the benefits of a highly efficient, professional-looking email system. A white label email hosting service will set up their clients with customized email designs that are ideal for their individuals needs.

In addition to its professional aesthetics, the top private label email marketing software will make it easy for businesses to manage and organize their contacts. Obviously, this makes it possible to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their email marketing campaigns.

According to Convince and Convert, nearly 45% of email marketing recipients made purchases that were influenced by email marketing materials. Also, about one third of web users admit to opening marketing emails that offered intriguing subject lines. While many web users choose to ignore most email advertisements, 72% of business users tend to share email marketing content.

While email may be the oldest web-based services, it is also the most widely used. As such, it is the easiest and cheapest way to reach both private consumers and businesses. By enlisting the services of a top private label email marketing hosting services, businesses of all sizes can enhance their marketing campaigns with a strategy that offers one of the best ROIs in the marketing industry.

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