Five Important Facts for Email Marketers

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As of 2012, web users sent almost 145 billion emails every day and according to an earlier report, workers spend more than a quarter of their time looking at items in their inbox, even though they only deem about 14 percent of their emails important. Since it was originally developed in 1971, email technology has come a long way, and hardly resembles its predecessor. As a result, it has become a regular part of the daily lives of the vast majority of people. In order to keep up with that trend and be able to properly communicate with their customers and targeted consumers, businesses might want to use a reliable email sending service. They will be able to overcome some of the scary statistics that might cause businesses to hesitate when thinking about email marketing plans.

1. 21 percent of email users will mark items as spam, even if they know that they are not. This should cause concern because it means businesses will have to work even harder to make their emails stand out and not just end up in the spam section.

2. 69 percent of the people who receive emails will mark items as spam just because of the subject line in the email, without ever even opening it, and a third open emails based only on the subject. An email sending service will be comprised of talented and experienced workers who know who to write an informative subject without making the email seem like an advertisement, helping make sure recipients actually view them.

3. In the 18 to 34 demographic, 84 percent of people will use an email preview tab to get a quicker glance at what they might read. This means that businesses looking to develop email marketing campaigns will have to make sure that they have copy that is engaging right away.

4. One of the main reasons that people will simply send an email right to the trash and not worry about reading it is that it was unsolicited. 80 percent of social network users have received unsolicited emails, and if businesses want to avoid irritating their targeted consumers, they might want to make sure more information is wanted.

5. Every six months, 17 percent of Americans will create, and maybe even switch to, a new email address. This means that much of the job of email sending services is determining what accounts are active, and what they are being used for. Finding the right accounts to send emails to can go a long way towards making sure that an email marketing campaign is successful and results in a larger customer base.

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