Why White Label Email Marketing Works

Private label email marketing

Internet marketing agencies know that it is a wise choice to go with an SEO reseller program solution. After all, SEO reseller programs can assemble the economies of scale and the technology needed to implement cheap, effective SEO. What they may not know are that SEO resellers throw in many free perks. One of those free perks is white label email marketing. With white label email marketing, an Internet marketing agency can safely and effectively create, design, and execute email marketing campaigns on behalf of your client.

What are white label email marketing services? White label email marketing services are those that create and design emails, and then send them out. Email marketing is seen as far and away the cheapest lead generation source, even cheaper than SEO. With SEO reseller services, marketers must pay for the staff and specialists for each campaign. With white label email marketing software, all a marketer has to pay for is some design and overhead work. Millions of emails can be sent out, and each costs a few cents or less.

One of the advantages of white label email marketing software is that it has a higher rate of going to the receiver than regular eomails. Well meaning spam filters, which may not recognize the utility of a product, will block an email it thinks its spam. With white label email marketing software, these emails remind spam filters of their useful purpose, and then proceed into the inboxes of thankful customers.

The best thing about white label email marketing is that it is confidential. The clients of Internet marketing agencies expect that they are using a one stop shopping solution for all of their needs. Given the technology involved, it would be somewhat silly to invest by yourself. That is the beauty of white label email marketing. This disguises the reseller relationship, and lets the marketer freely sell services.

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