Creating Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns


If you are looking to begin a white label email marketing venture, there are a number of factors to consider in order to really intrigue your reader and encourage them to participate in your campaign. While private label email campaigns can be tricky to pull off, they are not impossible.

Most of us have received marketing spam before, and unless they are done incredibly well, we tend to discard and move on rather quickly. To avoid a white label email marketing disaster, there are a few simple tips to follow to ensure success.

First, send them early on in the morning. According to a study, CTR (click through rate) peaks between 6 and 7am (your local time). Most of the time, people read email first thing in the AM at work. Think about it. Most people check their email while fully engaged, drinking coffee, before they begin their work day. People are much more likely to be fully immersed in your campaign if they are alert, rather than after a long day at work. Time of day is key, so try to plan for the morning when initiating your campaign.

Next, Add some links! A recent study shows that the more links that you include in your email campaign, the higher likelihood of click through rate. If your initial email is engaging, and a link is provided, your recipients are more likely to head to your website. A catchy email is fantastic, but ultimately your goal is to get to them to the page, so do not be shy about a bit of shameless link plugging.

Get to the point. White label email marketing campaigns have a tendency to want to tell it all at once, but keep it short. The more direct you are, the more likely your recipient is to retain the message. Plus, if you save part of your message for a later date, it is an excuse to contact them again. Too much email is not necessarily a bad thing, but be sure to space it out.

Finally, who better to assist you with your white label email marketing than your clients? They know best. Ask for feedback from them. Client feedback can be an incredibly valuable tool that many businesses tend to look, and could differentiate you from all those other campaigns.

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