Why white label email marketing brings business

If you are in the field of Internet marketing, then you know the power of email. Email is not a new technology. Nor is it sexy. However, sometimes the tried-and-true methods of marketing bring a higher return on investment than the cutting edge methods that dominate the blogs.

Take Groupon, for example. While all the marketing news focuses on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google’s intense interest in joining the social media world, Groupon quietly made a huge profit by recycling email marketing on a broad scale. There is a lesson here. Sometimes the newest thing is not going to be the most successful.

White label email marketing allows the public relations firm, ad agency, or web design shop to offer their very own email platform. Just a year ago, this was not possible due to the limitations associated with keeping your email server infrastructure on the various white lists. However, Amazon’s cloud services have changed all of these things.

Amazon has introduced a cloud-based email marketing platform strictly for programmers. It is an api-based email delivery model that handles all of the white list requirements and scalability factors associated with email delivery. This allows marketing software players (such as HubShout) to concentrate on end-user functionality and the integration of white label email software with other valuable marketing needs such as SEO, PPC and social media.

Any firm selling marketing or information technology services should be bundling email marketing with their other products. Using a white label email marketing software platform (such as HubShout) allows you to do this under your own logo. Before Amazon, this type of outsourcing was risky due to the strict infrastructure requirements of email delivery. But firms such as HubShout, who have partnered with Amazon’s cloud-based email delivery service, now offer extremely high levels of reliability as well as vertical integration with their SEO, PPC and social media products – all white labeled under your logo.

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