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Four Things Every Small Business Should Know About Email Marketing


As important as SEO is to the current landscape of internet marketing, you’re missing some serious business opportunities if you haven’t yet invested in an e-newsletter. Email updates allow for more direct contact with your customers, and keeping them in the loop about your most recent promotions also fosters brand loyalty. With private label email marketing, too, you can even outsource this entire process to keep your business running smoothly.

It’s something that hundreds of businesses depend on to cultivate a strong, dedicated consumer base. But why is that, exactly? To understand, it’ll first help to realize that…

Around 77% of customers are interested in email-based updates.

Most businesses are caught somewhere between wanting to keep their consumers informed about promotional offers and

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The Three Steps to Creating a Winning Email Marketing Campaign

Email mailing list

With the advent of social media, many might think that email marketing services are old-fashioned. However, reality disagrees. With a strong approach to content, and savvy marketing know how, an email marketing plan has never been a better way to convert more business leads into sales, and to drive more web traffic to your site.

Creating an email marketing campaign isn’t difficult. Here are the most important steps to make it successful.

1. Who Is the Intended Recipient?

The first thing you need to do is define your audience. Knowing who’s reading makes it easier to figure out what to say.

Chances are you already have a good list of email addresses, and you can get an i

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Get With the Email Marketing Revolution!

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Over the past couple of decades, the advertising and marketing industries have undergone a massive overhaul. Historically, businesses relied upon the same old promotional venues for years as a means of enticing new customers to buy products and services. They erected massive billboards along roads and highways to draw the attention of passing drivers. They placed an endless array of glossy full page print ads in magazines and newspapers. They also developed direct mail campaigns to reach people in their homes. However, with the advent of the internet and the digitization of information, a revolution has taken place, and businesses that are not heeding the call risk being left behind. Depending on the same old tricks of the marketing trade is now akin to expecting a giant boulder to serve as a life preser

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Four Ways You Can Improve Your Email Marketing Plans

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Pop quiz! Approximately how much of the electronic mail that exists on the web is pure spam? If you’re guessing anything under 97%, you’re underestimating the power of these spam-bots. That’s an important statistic to come to grips with, so try to visualize it as a pie — everything is spam except for the few crumbs leftover when the whole thing’s gone.

But that doesn’t mean that email is some kind of floundering medium. On the contrary, email marketing has shown its effectiveness over both SEO and social media strategies, mainly because people tend to check their inboxes quite frequently. That means more opportunities to get their eyes on valuable business information. If you’re a small business and you haven’t taken advantage of email marketing yet, you’re behind the times. Of course, as you’ll come to

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