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Four Reasons to Look Into Email Marketing Services for Your Business

Email marketing providers

Did you know that nearly 97% of all emails on the web are purely spam? That might not be too surprisingly, actually, considering the number of times you’ve likely received some kind of unwanted email in your inbox. However, how often have you received excessive promotional materials from a company that felt like spam because of how frequently they sent them?

If you’re a business, that’s the first rule you have to learn about online marketing. Interesting to learn some others? You should be. Here are four important reasons to look into private labeled email marketing software to help your customers stay in the know about your business.

Customers crave it.

Never mind the fact that customers regularly sign up to be included on these email lists. A whopping 77% of them actua

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Four Ways to Utilize Email Marketing Services for Business


You might not know this, but there are approximately 3.2 billion email accounts currently in existence on the web. For comparison purposes, there are only about 7 billion people on the entire planet, and certainly not every person even has access to the Internet, so you do the math. However, the problem lies in the fact that 97% of all emails sent and received in the world is purely spam.

Companies tread a fine line when it comes to keeping their customers bases well-informed via email marketing. On one hand, the goal is to stay in touch with customers, allowing them exclusive deals and making sure they’re privy to the latest goings-on in the company. But send too many emails in a given week — heck, even a given day — and you run the risk of losing that customer forever. That’s exactly why your business could benefit

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