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Expand Your Web Presence White Label E-Mail Marketing

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E-mail is one of oldest and most basic capabilities offered by the internet. If adult web users had no choice but to choose one web tool that they could not live without, it would probably be email. Although younger people are communicating primarily through text messaging and social media, email continues to be the number one method of exchanging detail communication with or without attachments.

From a commercial perspective, about 92% of businesses claim to use email as a primary vehicle for sharing general company information, as well as information about their products and services. While the concept of email marketing may be simple, many business owners may not know how to begin an email marketing campaign. This is where private label email hosting comes in handy.

By investing in white label or p

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Email Marketing May Help Your Business Boost Its Sales

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If you run your own business and you’re looking for a more effective way to connect with your customers, you may find that working with email marketing providers who have experience in producing quality content that results in more leads and sales is your best option.

While SEO has quickly become a popular means of online marketing, and for good reason, the email marketing tool has been unfairly overlooked, particularly as a means of maintaining an active relationship with past customers. Many small businesses spend three hours or less per week on email marketing. Those that do so are missing out on improving the growth of their businesses.

For example, 44% of those who get

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Three Reasons to Outsource Online Marketing in the Evolving Digital Marketplace

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Originally, Twitter was going to be named “twttr” before the founders chose to rename and rebrand. When Facebook was first introduced, as “TheFacebook,” it featured the picture of a man that was supposedly a manipulation of Al Pacino. At one point, was actually owned by Garfield and was provided as a free email service.

Today, none of those sites look anything like what they did originally. However, they all have major reach and can be vital tools for marketers who want to take advantage of the fact that the digital marketplace is constantly growing in order to attract new customers and expand. Nearly every business hoping to grow will try to establish some type of online marketing presence to do so, but not all can do that work in house. Fortunately, there are multiple advantages to usi

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Three Tips for Email Marketing, and Crafting Messages Consumers Actually Want to Read

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Did you know that about 45% of people ended up making at least one purchase last year after receiving a promotional email? The importance of having a great email marketing plan in place can’t be underscored enough.

In terms of sheer involvement, email, along with search, is one of the number one online activities. It gives businesses a direct connection to consumers, yet unlike posted mail, doesn’t require a stamp, and can come with an engaging subject line. Are you hoping to improve your company’s email marketing, but not sure how to do it? Here are three tips for taking your performance to the next level.

1. Creating an Effective Mailing List Users Won’t Unsubscribe From

There are tw

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