Email marketing plan

Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones — email is everywhere.

In 2012, a Marketing Channel and Engagement Benchmark survey polled a variety of small companies who’ve implemented online marketing techniques in their business plans. Around 63% of them listed email marketing specifically as the top practice for achieving the best return on investment. In other words, when you want to keep your customers informed (and bring in as many new opportunities as you can), a good email marketing plan seems to be the most popular options by an overwhelming margin.

But why? Why is email so much more successful than SEO, social media or PPC campaigns when it comes to lead generation and cultivation? For those answers, we’ll have to delve into even more numbers.

Email drives customer purchasing decisions.

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As important as SEO is to the current landscape of internet marketing, you’re missing some serious business opportunities if you haven’t yet invested in an e-newsletter. Email updates allow for more direct contact with your customers, and keeping them in the loop about your most recent promotions also fosters brand loyalty. With private label email marketing, too, you can even outsource this entire process to keep your business running smoothly.

It’s something that hundreds of businesses depend on to cultivate a strong, dedicated consumer base. But why is that, exactly? To understand, it’ll first help to realize that…

Around 77% of customers are interested in email-based updates.

Most businesses are caught somewhere between wanting to keep their consumers informed about promotional offers and

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Email mailing list

With the advent of social media, many might think that email marketing services are old-fashioned. However, reality disagrees. With a strong approach to content, and savvy marketing know how, an email marketing plan has never been a better way to convert more business leads into sales, and to drive more web traffic to your site.

Creating an email marketing campaign isn’t difficult. Here are the most important steps to make it successful.

1. Who Is the Intended Recipient?

The first thing you need to do is define your audience. Knowing who’s reading makes it easier to figure out what to say.

Chances are you already have a good list of email addresses, and you can get an i

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